An introduction to Photo on PSP


Discover photo controls

Find out which controls you can use when viewing photos on PSP.

While viewing images, you can perform a number of operations using the on-screen Control Panel.

1. Display the Control Panel.
Press the triangle button to display the on-screen Control Panel.

2. Choose an icon.
Use the directional buttons to select an icon and press the X button.

3. Exit the Control Panel.
Press triangle or circle button to clear the Control Panel.

List of functions

[View Mode]
Changes the size of the image displayed

Displays information about the image

Displays the functions that can be performed using the PSP system's buttons

[Clear Zoom]
Returns an image to its original size

[Zoom Out]
Zooms out from the image

[Zoom In]
Zooms in on the image

[Rotate Left]
Rotates the image 90 degrees counter-clockwise

[Rotate Right]
Rotates the image 90 degrees clockwise

Moves the image in the desired direction to display obscured parts of the image when it is zoomed in, or if the view mode is set to Zoom

Displays the previous image

Displays the next image

Automatically displays each image in order

An introduction to Photo on PSP

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Discover photo controls



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