Design the target of Sly Cooper's greatest heist yet

Design the target of Sly Cooper's greatest heist yet
Create a treasure and it could be brought to life in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, winning you a PS Vita system.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on PlayStation 3 sees Sly, a sneaky raccoon descendant of a long line of master thieves, embark on a daring journey to protect the precious secrets of the Cooper clan. And what's the one thing a world-renowned thief like Sly values above anything else? That's right: treasure, and the rarer it is, the better.

Now, we're giving you the chance to design the ultimate item of bounty. One winner from each participating country will receive a PlayStation Vita system, and their designs will go through to a final round. Then, developer Sanzaru Games will pick eight of the best creations and bring them to life in Sly's mischievous adventure.

It doesn't matter whether you prefer to use crayons or a computer program. Simply upload a photo of your finished sketch or an image file along with a short description and the team at Sanzaru Games will pick the eight most glittering entries.

If you design it, Sly may well find it. Fill in your details below, upload your entry, tell us about your treasure and then click Submit. Good luck!

Please note you will need a Sony Entertainment Network account to enter this competition. You can create an account by visiting on a PC or alternatively, you can create a Sony Entertainment Network account on a PlayStation 3 system, a Wi-Fi enabled PSP system or a PS Vita system. 

Entrants must be aged 12 or over and a resident in a participating country.

Please make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before entering this competition.

Competition Details

Start date: 20/04/2012 (The beginning of the evolution)
End date: 20/05/2012 (The beginning of the evolution)
Status: Winners announced


  • skourleone (Greece)
  • SKELLY7 (Ireland)
  • mshallstensen98 (Norway)
  • handofthesly (New Zeland)
  • crazysztof (Poland)
  • HP_Zoner (Portugal)
  • P7I3R7A3T7 (Russia)
  • AndreaSverige (Sweden)
  • XAlaaGaMeRZ (UAE)
  • tristano1392 (Austria)
  • ratchet5928 (Australia)
  • OttoT (Netherlands)
  • sagazoolo (Switzerland)
  • Silverhound4life (Czech Republic)
  • Abinsur66 (Germany)
  • H0L1R34P3R (Denmark)
  • Corewyrn (Spain)
  • Monikynsi (Finland)
  • Hol-Zessi (France)
  • UchihaRyuk (UK)


Overall Winners:

  •     SKELLY7 (Ireland)
  •     handofthesly (New Zealand)
  •     P7I3R7A3T7 (Russia)
  •     ratchet5928 (Australia)
  •     sagazoolo (Switzerland)
  •     Abinsur66 (Germany)
  •     Corewyrn (Spain)
  •     Monikynsi (Finland)





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